Brief Career History

I started my career in advertising employed as a trainee lettering and line artist for an agency in London's West End. I moved on to producing illustrations for interior designers and architects and later became a partner in an interior design consultancy where we designed, illustrated and managed complete domestic and commercial interiors.

Recognising a need for computer originated and easily editable technical illustration that could be placed directly into DTP applications, and wanting to get back into illustration, the MicroArt studio was formed to provide Technical Illustration and Desk Top Publishing services to technical authoring firms, engineering designers and electronic hardware manufacturers. 

Over the years, the work has evolved from the initial illustration and publishing service to include document design, editing and authoring. Today I design, write, illustrate, publish and maintain Hard Copy, PDF and On Line technical and commercial documentation.

The three Typical Handbook Illustrations show the installation and removal of computer hardware components. They were produced for a range of Research Machines Computer Manuals.

Typical Handbook Illustrations