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About this Guide


Obtaining more Information

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About this Guide

This guide describes the installation and configuration of the Chase IOCOMM Access Server. It is written with the assumption that the installer will be a systems administrator or someone with a similar level of knowledge.

Experienced users may save set-up time by following the instructions in the Quick Start Guide and can consult the sections in this guide for details of more advanced operations.

This online guide may be used in a second browser window alongside the IOCOMM Access Server configuration pages.


The guide is sectioned as follows:


Introduces the user to the IOCOMM and the IOCOMM Administration Guide.


Covers the approach to IOCOMM configuration, connection and power up.


Describes the set up and configuration tasks that can be performed.


Provides information on Start-up process and the Diagnostic menu.

Indicators (LEDs)

Describes the Status indicators and how to interpret the Start-up sequence LEDs.


Suggestions for resolving problems encountered while installing or using IOCOMM.

Event Logging (syslog)

Describes the IOCOMM problem and event logging system (syslog).

Exception Display

Provides interpretation information for critical IOCOMM errors.


Describes the set up and use of the iocommd peripheral daemon.

Command Line Interface

Defines the command line interface available from the serial and remote login ports.

Connectors and Cabling

Provides pin-out and cabling information.

Technical Specification

Provides a detailed technical description.

Glossary of Terms


Lists the Accessories available for the IOCOMM.



Notation Conventions Used

Text in the following font:


indicates input to, or output from the IOCOMM.

The following symbols are used to represent keys:

Return key

Escape key



Obtaining More Information

There is a series of on-line documents available to help you use the IOCOMM, and provide up to date information on Chase developments and new features. See our websites listed below.

Support and Help

If you encounter problems during set-up or subsequent use, you should contact your supplier for support. If your supplier cannot resolve the problem, you can use the support facilities provided by Chase Research.

Chase Research WWW

You can check the support sections of our web sites and FTP sites for the latest information, at any time: or or

Chase Research Technical Support Staff

Here is the standard support route for quickest answers:

1. Have your serial number and problem overview ready.

2. Check with your supplier or distributor.

3. Contact your local Chase Technical Support office, as follows:

United States, Canada & South America:
Email - fax +1.615.872.0771.

Europe, Asia and Africa:

Email - fax +44 (0)1256 324562.

Germany, Eastern Europe and Russia:

Email - fax +49 711.7287.156.



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